Tomas Coulter

Performance Coach
BSc in Economics and MSc in Management, Personal Training

Tomas is a former athlete and business professional turned performance coach. His interest in human performance and coaching started when he experienced the value of good support as an athlete himself. He competed as a collegiate athlete in the UK and USA, and won an FA cup medal in futsal. For several years, in partnership with two Norwegian Paralympians, he ran a company training people to cross-country ski, thrive in the snow, and appreciate nature.

He holds a master’s level certificate in executive coaching, and specialises in personal training, corrective exercise, and exercise for people with medical conditions. He has a keen interest in the power of mental imagery, positive affirmation and self-talk in enhancing performance.

As a coach, Tomas has experience from working with a wide range of individuals and companies. He feels most accomplished in enabling each individual to identify their unique challenges and find new solutions that improve their quality of life. In his spare time Tomas enjoys being adventuring in nature, cross-country skiing, and playing football.