Research & innovation

Ensuring a robust evidence
base for our services

To be a leader in the field of human wellbeing and performance, it’s not enough to simply reproduce existing approaches. While we are committed to evaluating and applying the best existing evidence, we are also actively researching new approaches to unlock human potential, in business and in sport.

Hintsa's Science Board

Our Science Board are experts in domains with specific relevance to our work. This spans the elements in the Circle of Better Life, as well as specific expertise in reviewing scientific evidence. Simply finding a published study is not sufficient; our Science Board helps us to evaluate the strength of evidence, potential pitfalls and novel applications to our products and services.

Dr. Timo Aro is a Senior Advisor and well-being at work specialist at the Ilmarinen pension fund, and Adjunct Professor at the Helsinki University School of Public Health. Dr. Eric Gerstel is Head of Clinical Services and Care at Hirslanden Clinic La Colline, Geneva. Prof. Steven Lockley is a Harvard Medical School Neuroscientist in the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders. Prof. Olivier Oullier is a Professor of Behavioural & Brain Sciences, neuroscientist and strategist. Dr. Tommy Wood is a Medical doctor & Research Scientist, with a PhD in physiology.


Staying up to date with emerging ideas

We define innovation as finding new and useful ways to enable our clients to enhance their wellbeing and performance, sustainably. Through our Science Board, active role in research and broad network of relationships with a wide range of experts, we are able to stay up to date with emerging ideas within the scientific community and can test these ideas in measurable ways.


Active collaboration with academic institutions

Our current research initiatives span both sport and business. Our two principle projects are the ‘Exponential Work Project’ which is exploring sustainable high-performance in knowledge work, how lifestyle and work patterns influence well-being and performance, and how digital disruption influences this relationship. This project is led by James Hewitt and Juha Äkräs, with Aalto University.

Secondly, we are conducting a number of pioneering projects with our academic collaborators, led by motorsport Coaching Director Pete McKnightto define and develop the characteristics of the top athletes in motorsport.

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