Research and innovation

For an evidence-informed approach

To provide the best service for our clients, we are committed to following an evidence-informed approach; designing programmes using the most relevant, high-quality published scientific evidence, as well as directing and participating in original research.
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Active collaborations with leading experts

We are continually searching for new and useful ways to enable our clients to enhance their wellbeing and achieve sustainable high performance. Hintsa has a long history of working with top universities, researchers, and institutions. We continue to pursue this collaborative model; sharing knowledge with leading experts and discovering the latest developments in human high performance.

Research activities

Testing new methods & ideas

Through our own research projects, and participation in novel studies, we stay up to date with emerging ideas within the scientific community and contribute to a broader understanding of the relationships between health, wellbeing and performance. We are focusing on three research areas at this time; knowledge work as endurance activity, mass thriving in organisations, and human performance in motorsport.

Our three research areas

1. Knowledge work as an endurance activity

We are participating in novel studies to investigate patterns of work and rest in knowledge work. Applying a combination of self-report, behavioural and physiological measures, this research is designed to provide a better understanding of what factors are supporting sustainable high-performance in the workplace.

2. Mass thriving in organisations

To better understand what makes people thrive at work, we are conducting a large-scale study to explore how top-leaders’ behaviour affects entire organisational climates.

3. Human performance on track

In a ground-breaking project, we are studying the performance of the world’s best drivers, creating a unique dataset of physiological, psychological as well as neurological benchmarks, in multiple motorsport series.

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