A Healthy Return

Learn why investing in people
is critical for your business

Employee health and wellbeing will become a business value of strategic importance and a significant source of competitive advantage. In this white paper, we explore the global trends placing humans at the centre of the 4th industrial revolution. We propose a framework to explain the relationship between human wellbeing and organisational performance, and provide practical tools to help organisations achieve sustainable high performance.

healthy return white paper

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Company performance is built on a foundation of employee health and wellbeing, as well as supportive organisational environment and leadership. Our latest white paper ‘A Healthy Return: Why Investing in People is Critical for Your Business’ introduces a new framework and practical tools to help your company succeed.

"Business leaders are only now beginning to see a direct correlation between health and performance – not just physically, but also cognitively."

— Annastiina Hintsa, Chief Operating Officer, Entrepreneur

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