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10 Blog Articles to Inspire You This Holiday Season

As 2019 approaches, it’s time to wrap up the year with some of our most popular blog articles of the year. We’d also like to use this moment to thank all our readers and wish you a relaxing holiday season and a happy New Year! Without further ado, here’s our roundup of 10 blog articles to inspire you this holiday season.

The Secret to Successful Behavioural Change

Behaviour change is highly relevant for your health and performance, as more than 50% of illnesses are caused by human behaviour. If you find yourself struggling with change, don’t worry, you are not the only one. But why is it so difficult to change your ways? Recent research has some explanations.

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How HR Can Transform the Wellbeing Culture

I recently sat down with two of my HR colleagues to interview them about the current status of wellbeing practices in their respective organisations. In the course of the discussion, we ended up dreaming about how organisations could look like in the future.

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What is The Key to Sustainable High Performance?

“What is the key to sustainable high performance?” asked Hintsa’s Chief Innovation Officer, James Hewitt, as he addressed the audience during the Nordic Business Forum conference. “We’re never resting. We rarely focus. We can’t always be ‘on’.

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Managing Stress – Here’s What You and Your Company Can Do

Stress. The Oxford dictionary defines it as “pressure or tension exerted on a material object”. That, of course, is the physical definition. Which, in a physiological context of weight training for example, is desired; stressing a muscle, through training, to experience growth. Conversely, the same can’t be said of the psychological definition.

Why Knowledge Work is an Endurance Activity

Have you ever thought about planning your effort, and the type and timing of your cognitive activities, to optimise your wellbeing and performance? As life expectancy increases, and retirement age is delayed, maintaining and even enhancing performance, over the long-haul, is becoming increasingly important in knowledge work.

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How to Stay in Shape and Exercise Whilst Travelling

Business executives, politicians and sports people travel extensively pursuing their careers in a now highly globalized world. But are these ‘road warriors’ writing cheques their bodies, and minds, can’t cash? Or, in this new edition of human evolution, do we just need to learn how to adapt to this unique form of stress? Could physical exercise be the key?

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4 Ways to Improve Your Thinking With Food

People tend to recognize the association between diet and health or diet and weight quite well. However, the effects of food on thinking and the brain are less known. What you eat during your workday can have a big impact on your vitality and cognitive functions, and hence performance in the daily challenges.

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Low Back Pain is Hurting Your Company – Here’s What to Do

Low back pain is the leading cause of absence from work, and recognised as the leading cause of disability worldwide. Furthermore it is a growing problem, due to an ageing populations and more sedentary lifestyles. So the question really isn’t, is low back pain hurting your company, but rather how much?

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4 Steps for Making Change Sustainable

A while ago I wrote an article about the different research done about behavioural change. Making changes is an iterative process driven by internal motivation and capabilities as well as external opportunities. To succeed you need grit and control. But now let’s take a bit more practical approach to how you can make those changes last.

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How to Lessen the Effects of Jet Lag on Your Body and Brain

Whether you are a business professional, world leader, athlete, or simply a tourist, travelling can make you suffer from insomnia, fatigue, drowsiness, muscle aches or weakness, irritability, impaired cognition and even digestive problems … and at the same time, you are expected to perform at the top of your game?

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