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Hintsa Performance Partners With Hult EF Corporate Education to Create a Unique New Program for Leaders

In an exciting new partnership, Hintsa Performance has joined forces with Hult EF Corporate Education, a world-leading executive education provider and owner of the EF ProCycling Team. Together, we’re combining our expertise to create a unique new program for leaders: Elite Sports Methods for Top Leadership Performance.

Lessons from elite sports performance

Challenges facing business leaders today are not unlike those that athletes deal with – high stakes, challenging environments, and an expectation of peak performance. For decades, athletes have perfected the science of optimal performance.

What can leaders learn? How do elite athletes design their day around mental and physical energy, resilience, and recovery? How do athletes not only attain but sustain optimal performance? This is what participants on the Elite Sports Methods for Top Leadership Performance program will discover.  

Leaders will gain exclusive access to unparalleled insight from two elite coaching entities. With our combined strength in high performance, wellbeing, and leadership development, Hult EF and Hintsa are equipping leaders with all the tools and knowledge they need to unlock their full potential.

Program details:

  • Date: 29th April – 1st May 2024
  • Format: Face-to-face, 3 days + 1-1 Performance Coaching
  • Program fee: £5,500
  • Location: Ashridge, London
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High-performance strategies for today’s leaders

In this program, participants will explore the crossover in challenges elite athletes and business leaders face on an ongoing basis – e.g., high stakes, challenging environments, high expectations, under pressure delivery. It will help them attain and sustain optimal performance by more systematically preparing, training, and recovering like top athletes do.

This program is for executives from the private and public sectors, as well as family businesses, all aspiring to lead and achieve peak performance, while maintaining their health and wellbeing.

What will you gain from the program?

At the end of this program, participants will understand:

  • Interconnected effects of our brain/body performance system
  • Personal responses to pressure, stress and recovery
  • How to attain and sustain leaders and team high performance under continuous pressure
  • Neuroscience for resilience and burnout mitigation

Interested in signing up?

To learn more about this exclusive new program, please fill out a contact form on Hintsa’s website, or visit the Hult EF website to register your interest.

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