How to Train an F1 World Champion – Beyond the Grid Podcast With Antti Kontsas

At the end of his remarkable career, four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel said he was in the ‘best shape possible.’ The driving force behind his peak performance? His Hintsa performance coach, Antti Kontsas.

With over a decade of experience in the F1 paddock, Kontsas has been instrumental in the success of drivers like Sebastian Buemi, Jean-Eric Vergne, and Sebastian Vettel. Now, as Hintsa’s Head of Performance for Motorsport, Antti joins the Beyond the Grid podcast to share:

  • his methods for preparing F1 drivers for the pinnacle of motorsport
  • the ups and downs of coaching the four-time world champion
  • the significance of a holistic approach to wellbeing and performance
  • the unique mental and physical demands of F1
  • how Dr. Aki Hintsa’s legacy lives on at Hintsa.

Plus, Antti takes a trip down memory lane, revisiting the start of his F1 journey and his former career as a professional footballer in Finland.

Click below to listen to the full episode 🎧