The Mental Pressure of Formula 1 – F1 Explains Podcast With Pete McKnight & David Coulthard

Formula 1 is a high-speed, high-stress sport. Staying cool, ignoring distractions and recovering from setbacks requires huge mental strength, composure and resilience. How do F1 drivers cope? How do they make sure their minds are in the right condition? What support and training do they get to help them? The latest episode of F1 Explains podcast has the answers you seek.

The F1 Explains podcast, hosted by Katie Osborne and Christian Hewgill, delves into various aspects of the sport with expert insights. In this episode, Katie and Christian explore how drivers get into the zone before a race by sticking to a routine, how they respond to defeats and mistakes, and why every driver has to believe that they are the best on the grid.
Press play to hear Pete McKnight, Hintsa’s Performance Director and David Coulthard, 13-time F1 winner take a look at the mental side of being a Formula 1 driver.

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