Quantifying Wellbeing

5 perspectives and a management
tool for leaders

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How do you quantify your investment in employee wellbeing?

Over the past few years, we’ve gone from crisis to crisis. Employees everywhere are suffering. Leaders face the question: How much should I invest in my employees’ wellbeing? And how do I know the investment is worth it?

In this white paper we introduce five perspectives for assessing employee wellbeing initiatives. How can wellbeing be quantified? What are the pros and cons of each approach? If you are a leader or HR professional pondering your wellbeing strategy, measure what matters.

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5 perspectives for leaders

1 — Measure changes in health and wellbeing outcomes

2 — Measure return on investment of wellbeing programmes

3 — Measure a targeted wellbeing problem

4 — Measure changes in people and talent metrics

5 — Measure future-proofing for the next generation of talent

The answer: A practical management tool

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