Meet our team

Matti Kontsas

Science and Development Director

I have always enjoyed sports and lived an active lifestyle. Before starting my university studies in sports science, I competed in Finnish elite junior level in karate and football. Prior to joining Hintsa Performance in 2013, I worked with an NGO for over 8 years in Africa and Asia in sport and development related projects. I’m passionate about finding ways to improve the quality of life and performance of the clients that I work with.

My experiences range from working with high level executives in world leading companies to disadvantaged youth in developing countries. These experiences have given me a broad and holistic outlook in life and shown me how much there is to learn from others, regardless of what their position is in life. I have a lovely wife and three amazing children, which keep me busy on the home front. I enjoy spending time with my family, doing various sports, playing games, traveling to see friends around the world, and also getting involved in various types of volunteer activities.