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We are a high performance organisation full of genuinely caring people

The diverse professionals at Hintsa Performance all share a passion for better life and better performance. We form a network of leading experts ranging from sports science and medicine to leading organisational wellbeing.  To learn more how we could help you, or your organisation, to reach sustainable high performance, contact our experts.

Our network of performance coaches & specialists

David Hulse

Chief Medical Officer (UK)

Eric Gerstel

Chief Medical Officer (Central Europe)

Faith Fisher-Atack

Performance Coach

Henna Rannikko

Registered Dietitian (R.D.)

Kaisa-Maria Anttila

Medical Programme Manager

Liam O’Connor

Performance Coach

Lisa Fouladi


Marc van Zeyl

Performance Coach

Matthew Thompson

Performance Coach

Rupert Manwaring

Senior Performance Coach

Sarah Westcott


Victoria Poljac

Performance Coach

Ville Vihola

Senior Performance Coach


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