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The Core

Unique book from the top of the Formula 1 world

The Core is a unique book from the top of the Formula 1 world, where Dr Aki Hintsa had for years guided drivers towards success, but more than anything, towards mental and physical wellbeing. Later, top executives and companies from all over the world have taken to Hintsa’s model of holistic wellbeing, and now these groundbreaking methods are available to all of us.

In this book, Dr Hintsa gives practical guidelines on better performance and comprehensive wellbeing and tells his fascinating story from the African plains to the F1 paddocks and the highest level of business – a journey, which made him realise what is important in life.

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From Formula 1 to Fortune 500

James Hewitt, Hintsa Performance’s Head of Science & Innovation, and the late Dr Aki Hintsa, Founder of Hintsa Performance, reveal the stories and science that have played a pivotal role in 12 Formula 1 world championships as well as the transformative work of Hintsa Performance with executives in leading global companies.

Exponential includes deeply researched content, brought to life with stories and interviews including Two-Time Formula One World Champion, Mika Häkkinen, programmer, teacher and children’s writer, Linda Liukas, Face-Transplant Surgeon, Jyrki Törnwall, President, UBS Wealth Management, Jürg Zeltner, Cancer specialist and sports doctor, Ralph Braun, Olympian and multiple world-champion masters cyclist Geoff Cooke and Former Prime Minister of Finland and Parliamentarian, Alexander Stubb.

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