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Reach your optimal performance with our individual coaching programmes

In today’s fast-paced and hyper-connected world, being engaged, motivated, and mentally and physically fit will determine your success. Our personalised coaching programmes for individuals help you reach sustainable high performance without burning out in the process.
Sustainable change

The start of a life-long journey

Significant improvements in performance are the result of small daily decisions, done consistently well. Our coaching services for individuals vary from 1-month intensive coaching programmes up to 12-month, highly customised programmes. As your trusted partner, we help you understand how all the elements in your life and environment interact so that you can live the best possible life and enjoy improved performance.

Unique method

Small steps towards big goals

We base all our services on our unique Circle of Better Life model and our tested coaching methodology. During your individual journey, you will learn simple, repeatable steps that align all the elements of the Circle of Better Life. Each journey is unique, and our aim is to identify the key levers for you to achieve improved health, better quality of life and optimal performance.

Dedicated performance coach

Your guide along the way

Your dedicated Hintsa coach supports you in focusing on what matters the most and guides you to reach sustainable habit change. We begin by assessing your starting point and where you want to be. Together with your coach you will establish your personal priorities in a structured and logical performance plan. You will have regular meetings to discuss your progress and receive continuous support throughout the coaching journey.

Coaching services for individuals

Hintsa Premium

Top-of-the line, highly-customised, 12-month coaching service

Your dedicated Performance Coach guides you to focus and put plans into action. In-depth discussions with your Core Mentor help you reflect upon your inner motivations and discover new perspectives. Medical tests ensure a safe journey and reveal progress along the way. You also get access to our network of specialists for support in more specific needs.

Duration: 12 months
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Hintsa Personal

Holistic 7-month remote coaching programme

You will have regular monthly meetings with your dedicated Performance Coach and continuous monitoring and support using our digital tools. Together you define your priorities and actions for your journey. The programme is delivered in 6-week sprints covering all aspects of health and wellbeing. Our mobile app provides inspirational content and motivation along the journey.

Duration: 7 months
Price: 2 485 €

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Hintsa Kickstart

Intensive 1-month remote coaching programme

Take a kickstart to achieving your long-term goals with three remote meetings. Define targets, set actions, and get up to speed with the support of your dedicated Performance Coach. This programme is suitable for those looking for additional support during an intensive period in life or at work, as well as those wanting a more intensive start to a longer coaching journey.

Duration: 1 month
Price: 930 €

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Your programme in your pocket

Better coaching experience with our Better Life mobile application

Messaging & Monitoring

Communicate with your dedicated performance coach through our app’s chat at any point. Ask questions and reflect on your journey. Keeping track of your activities will also enable your coach to monitor your performance.


Inspiration & Education

Enjoy weekly audio lessons by Hintsa specialists, covering all of elements of our holistic model. Get practical tips on enhancing your daily wellbeing and workout examples for endurance, strength and mobility.


Targets & Actions

Set activity targets and define personal actions to focus on together with your coach. Your coach will hold you accountable and support in reaching those targets – and in setting new targets as you progress.


Hintsa test

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Our short test provides a holistic assessment of your health and wellbeing. You will receive a personal report which helps you assess your starting point, and find inspiration on how to improve your performance.

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