For individuals

An intensive 10-month coaching programme for improved health, wellbeing, and performance.

Better life. Better performance.

Live a life that looks like you

An extraordinary life means different things to different people. Where one wants to climb a mountain and write a book, another wants to excel at their profession, and yet another wants to spend more quality time, healthy, with their loved ones.

We deeply believe that success is a by-product of wellbeing. Our purpose is to help you craft a life that looks like you. So irrespective of your goals, we’ll help you reach them – and in the process we’ll help you reconnect with yourself with more clarity, energy, and balance.

Sustainable change

Small steps towards big changes

Significant improvements in performance are the result of small daily decisions, done consistently well over time. This is why our performance coaching programmes last long. We don’t offer quick fixes, instead we focus on creating sustainable improvements.

As your trusted partner, we help you understand how all the elements in your life and environment interact so that you can live the best possible life and enjoy improved performance. One step at a time.

The most comprehensive health & performance programme


Performance Coaching

Dedicated Senior Performance Coach to help you clarify your goals, create an action plan, and follow through for sustainable change.

Specialist Consultation

Access to a network of specialists for a chance to dive deeper into specific topics, e.g. customised diets, jet-lag plans or biomechanics support.

Core Mentoring

Meetings with a Hintsa Core Mentor for deeper discussion on your inner motivations, and for exploring your identity, purpose, and control.

Comprehensive Assessments

Physical, biomechanical and medical assessments before and after your programme for ensuring a safe journey.

Digital Tools

Our digital tools help your coach to monitor progress, give more accurate feedback, and support you with what you need, when you need it.

Performance Coaching

World-class performance coaching

Our Performance Coaches are carefully selected: while every Hintsa coach has at least a Master’s degree in an area of health and 5+ years of coaching experience, coaches working on our Premium programmes are our most experienced.

Along your journey, your Performance Coach will help you clarify your goals, create an action plan, and follow through for sustainable change. And when progress is inevitably not linear, your coach will help you adjust and keep you accountable.

Specialist Consultation

A network of specialists at your fingertips

Our coaching model is integrated, which means that your Performance Coach has a network of specialists at their fingertips – nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists, doctors.

The Premium programme also includes consultation with one or two specialists relevant to you. You can decide these upfront, or as you progress.

Core Mentoring

Explore your identity, purpose, and control

The programme includes three meetings with a Hintsa Core Mentor. Core mentoring helps you explore your identity, purpose, and control. It answers questions such as: What do I aspire to? What values guide my daily life? How do I manage a life or career transition?

A Hintsa Core Mentor has the relevant experience, knowledge, and wisdom to guide you in your unique situation.

Programme structure

The programme structure follows the Hintsa model where Nutrition, Biomechanics, Mental Energy and Sleep & Recovery are focused on as individual sprints.

Order of the sprints is set based on your individual needs. Physical Activity, Core and General Health are present throughout the programme.

Together with your coach you’ll create an individual performance plan with clear goals and objectives – and a list of concrete actions on how to reach those goals​.

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