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Coach Certification Stories – Johannes Chun Transforms from a Trainer to a Coach

What is it like to take part in Hintsa’s Coach Certification programme? Johannes Chun shares experiences from his 9-month journey.

Johannes Chun is a German-born Strength and Conditioning Coach living in Indonesia, with experience of serving local clients face-to-face and doing online training and nutrition coaching worldwide. For a decade prior to his coaching career, Johannes worked as a technology consultant for a large multinational consulting firm.

How did you first hear about Hintsa’s Coach Certification programme and what made you join?

“I have a friend who is a keen motorsports fan and who told me about Hintsa and its work with Formula One drivers and teams. As soon as I saw the description of the Performance Coach certification program, I knew I wanted to be a part of it and learn from the amazing mentors and coaches at Hintsa.”

Was the certification programme what you expected?

“When starting the programme, I was very positively surprised. I think I was expecting more of a typical certification type of curriculum, with a lot of theoretical knowledge, lot of content to be studied and tests to be passed, but instead I found a program that fundamentally changed how I look at coaching and what makes a good coach. I have learnt a lot about the art of coaching, the role of coaches in clients’ lives, and even about myself as a person. The way the whole programme was structured was a surprise, but in the best possible way.”

What have been your biggest learnings from the programme?

“Hard to know where to start with this. But if I had to choose one particular topic, it must be the Core. Through the self-reflection exercises and worksheets, especially in the first few weeks of the Self Study phase, I have learnt a tremendous amount about myself, as a coach, but also as a person. 

The course has, in many ways, shifted my perception of what a coach is. Previously, I saw myself much more as s ‘trainer’ or an ‘instructor’, rather than a coach. This realisation alone has fundamentally changed how I approach client conversations, how I prepare for them and how I conduct them. I no longer feel the immense pressure to be an all-knowing guru. I now understand that the job of the coach is to help their clients to help themselves.”

How has taking part in this programme changed your coaching style?

“I think the before-mentioned example of the role of the coach is the biggest impact the program has had on my coaching practice. In addition to that, the program has given me tools and resources that allow me to provide a much wider range of coaching for my clients. In the past I focused solely on physical training, or strength and conditioning, and to an extent nutrition, whereas now I feel I have a better understanding of all of the aspects of optimal health and better life. This together with pressure having been lifted off my shoulders, I have a whole new confidence in my coaching style and my ability to help my clients.”

Who would you recommend Hintsa Certification programme to?

“I would certainly recommend this program to all trainers and coaches, and anyone who is interested in getting the best out of people. Obviously a lot of the content and most of the parts of the Circle of Better Life model are focused on health and wellbeing, but this program could, with some modifications, easily be used as a leadership training, and it would be better than any training I have had the pleasure of receiving in my ten years in consulting.”

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