Supporting Employees in Times of Crisis – Watch the Recording of Our Online Event

Working and living in crisis mode for two years has taken a toll on us all – as employees, as friends and family members, and as leaders. Just when the world was starting to recover from the pandemic, we were hit by the devastating news about war in Ukraine, and the stream of human tragedy trickling in thereafter.

As a way to support managers, team leaders, and anyone looking for ways to navigate crisis and help people around them, we organised a free online event on 18 March. Watch the video or listen to the podcast version to hear Psychologist & Leadership Mentor Suzy Madge and Hintsa CEO Annastiina Hintsa talk about:

  • What should leaders know about the effects of continuous crisis and stress on people
  • What can you do to support your team and employees as well as yourself in uncertainty
  • What is the role of hope and optimism in times of trouble
Watch as a video:

Listen to as a podcast: