Performing under pressure

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Formula 1 strategies for razor-sharp focus

Gain exclusive insights from Hintsa’s 20+ years of working with F1 drivers on how to thrive under pressure and reach razor-sharp focus.

  • Decision making at 300Km/hour: Cognitive demands on F1 drivers
  • Preparing for pressure: How to accelerate your performance like an F1 driver 
  • Holistic approach: The importance of overall wellbeing for peak performance 
  • Raceday routine: Your personal action plan to thrive under pressure
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Our expert panelists

Chris Gooder

Performance Psychology Specialist

Chris is a Performance Psychology Specialist for Hintsa with a double degree in Psychology and Sports & Exercise Psychology. Chris has worked with a wide range of elite athletes in Formula 1, tennis, golf, and football, and with clients spanning from the Arsenal Football club in Singapore to Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.

Dan Sims

Senior Performance Coach

Dan works as a Senior Performance Coach at Hintsa. His 15+ years as a coach has spanned the breadth of elite sports to high-pressure business. Throughout his career, Dan has worked with numerous Formula 1 drivers. Currently he also works increasingly with executives, helping them embrace and thrive in challenging situations.

Nora Rosendahl

Chief Operating Officer

Nora serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Hintsa. Concurrently, she pursues her doctoral dissertation at Aalto University, delving into the future of knowledge work. Her insights on workplace wellbeing, stress, burnout and work/life questions have been featured in esteemed publications like the Financial Times and McKinsey Quarterly.

Watch the recording

We hope you had the chance to join our ‘Performing Under Pressure’ Masterclass. If you couldn’t make it or would like to go over the material again, the recording of the entire event is now available for you to watch.

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