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Human coaching and digital
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Start your journey towards better life – and better performance

Our Better Life coaching programme is your personal journey towards better life and performance. A dedicated performance coach helps you focus and put plans into actions. Our Better Life app provides you with holistic wellbeing education and supports you with sustainable habit change.

The programme is based on the Hintsa method and available for individuals, teams and entire organistions. Education is delivered in sprints covering all aspects of holistic wellbeing. Audio lessons from our leading wellbeing experts act as the backbone of the programme.

The Hintsa method

Based on our holistic method

During your Better Life coaching journey, you will go through all the elements of our signature Circle of Better Life model. Coaching is delivered in four six-week sprints: Nutrition, Sleep & recovery, Biomechanics, and Mental energy. Physical activity and Core are ongoing themes throughout the coaching programme. Your personal sprint order is set during the intro phase. The programme duration in total is about 6 months.

Dedicated Performance Coach

Support and guidance from a dedicated coach

Your dedicated Hintsa coach guides you to focus on what matters the most and reach sustainable habit change. You will have regular 1-2-1 calls with your coach to discuss your progress against your personal performance plan. You can also communicate with your coach through our mobile app’s chat functionality and receive support along your journey.

The Better Life app acts as the backbone

Weekly education & inspiration

Audio lessons from Hintsa’s leading wellbeing and high performance experts act as the backbone of the coaching programme and offer you meaningful insights and knowledge in wellbeing and high performance.

Activity logging & target setting

Keep track of your progression by logging activities. To highlight the importance of diversity, physical activity targets are set in three categories: endurance, strength and mobility. Training guidance is also given for each category.

Journaling & Self-reflection

Our digital coaching programme is not just about logging activities – it’s about self-development. We offer functionalities for self–reflection, writing down your personal journal entries and even defining your life-goals.

"Hintsa's holistic approach to managing your mind, body and spirit is very effective and stays with you. The changes were small, but powerful in combination. I wholeheartedly recommend working with the Hintsa team."

— Eric Tveter, CEO of Liberty Global Central Europe Group

Better Life coaching

Enhance performance by improving your life with our unique coaching programme. The Better Life programme is your personal journey that combines human coaching and digital learning in a whole new way.

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Our new coaching service is available for individuals, teams and entire organisations. Number of coaching participants is limited, so contact us to ensure your place in the programme.