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We provide evidence-based, data-driven and innovative human performance services for elite level athletes and teams. We integrate specialised services and coaching through utilising Athlete Management Systems. We are constantly generating research and developing innovative solutions to enhance performance whilst maintaining physiological and psychological health and wellbeing.

Holistic approach

The Circle of Better Life is our holistic, integrated model, through which we deliver high-level sports science services, long term athlete development, access to world-leading experts, and research & innovation. Our coaching method has been tested and proven in one of the most demanding sports environments in the world. We have 20 years of experience in Formula One, with an unparalleled record of results in the world’s most socially complex and expensive sport. We have also leveraged our F1 experience in a range of other sports, including cycling, equestrian, ice hockey and triathlon.

Integrated team of experts

Our team consists of experts in different areas of wellbeing and human high performance, including medical doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and sports psychologists. All our coaches hold a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Sports Science or an equivalent field, and are experienced in elite sports. They coordinate the athlete testing and analysis, intervention, and delivery of all services to the teams or individuals. We currently have a presence in over 20 cities globally.

Proven track record


World Driver Championships for Hintsa-supported F1 drivers



of race victories over the past 7 seasons for Hintsa-supported F1 drivers


 World Constructor Championships for Hintsa-supported F1 teams

Performance Coaching Services

Hintsa Athlete

Highly tailored coaching for athletes with full support of a dedicated Hintsa Performance Coach and a vast team of specialists.

You will have 240 days of face to face time with your dedicated Performance Coach on the road and at training base. We will provide you with specialist support, including on-call medical consultancy, follow-up from nutritionist and access to jet lag plans, sports psychology and physiotherapy. A Hintsa Athlete programme includes full medical assessments and biomechanics screen, consisting of physiology, strength and power testing as well as body composition and psychological profiling.

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Hintsa Sports Teams

From race weekend coverage to offsite training camps and on-site staff at factory gyms, our team of experts also look after sports teams.

We start out strong with intensive multi-day training camps, including comprehensive testing and screening. After this, the team members will have weekly remote communication with their dedicated Performance Coach, and we will plan, program and monitor their process throughout the year. Our on-site support includes physio and performance coach coordination at team headquarters. We also provide track side or court side specialist support for optimised performance, often including medical coverage.

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Support services for athletes

Medical Assessments

A comprehensive panel of medical screening tests are undertaken through one of our partner hospitals in the UK, Switzerland or Scandinavia. In addition, we provide trackside doctors in motorsports and are able to provide medical coverage for athletes through in-house provision and a network of experts around the world.

Physiological tests

Physiological tests provide benchmark data to establish a baseline of norms as well as to inform training. Our testing includes multiple areas, such as VO2 max and submax profiling, speed and agility, body composition & anthropometry, cognitive development, and decision making.

Nutrition packages

Our expert nutritionists provide consultations to develope individualised nutrition plans, interventions in special cases, supplementation if necessary (all screened and approved for WADA regulations), optimal nutrition planning with detailed coaching and follow-up, and extensive tests if needed.

Sleep tracking

Our Performance Coaches provide sleep tracking options, help interpret the data, and advise on sleep hygiene and general sleep improvement. Our sleep experts design jet lag plans for long-haul, flyaway races. Our specialists’ help is available on demand for individual sleep issues.

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