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Reach sustainable high performance

In a world where people live and work longer than ever before and machines replace human professions, unique human skills become the principal differentiator. Being engaged, motivated, and mentally and physically fit will determine your success. Whether you are an individual looking to reach sustainable high performance, or you would like your team or the entire company to perform better, we have a solution for you.
Hintsa Individuals

Tailored coaching for individuals

Reach your full potential with our individual coaching journey. Face-to-face meetings with your dedicated coach guide you to focus and put plans into action. In-depth discussions with your core mentor help you discover new perspectives on life. Medical assessments ensure a safe journey and a network of specialists is available to support your individual needs.

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Hintsa Teams

Intensive coaching for groups

A healthy team is a high performing team. Discover the latest wellbeing insights in interactive offsite workshops and challenge yourselves in joint exercise sessions. Find your focus areas with your dedicated coach and core mentor during the offsite coaching days and enjoy remote coaching in between.

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Better Life

Human coaching and digital learning combined

Our new hybrid service combines personal coaching with digital learning tools. A dedicated coach helps you focus and put your plans into actions. Our Better Life mobile app provides you with holistic wellbeing education and supports you with sustainable habit change. Our brand new coaching service is available for individuals, teams and entire organisations.

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Social wellbeing for organisations

Bring gamified wellbeing challenges available to your entire staff through our HeiaHeia mobile app. HeiaHeia makes daily wellbeing actions, peer support, social challenges and expert content available to everyone. Add inspirational keynotes and workshops to your digital wellbeing programme for a full experience.

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What makes us different?


1. Holistic wellbeing model

We believe that wellbeing is a holistic concept. Our signature model covers all key areas of wellbeing needed to enhance the performance of you and your team. Our Hintsa specialists collaborate to ensure the best evidence-based advice is always available to you.

Signature model
2. Science-based methods

To be a leader in the field of human wellbeing and performance, it’s not enough to reproduce existing approaches. While we are committed to evaluating and applying the best existing evidence, we are also actively researching new approaches to unlock human potential.

Research activities
3. Proprietary digital tools

Our digital tools provide inspiration, education, and habit building in all the elements of the Circle of Better Life. We provide powerful tools for engagement and promote corporate-wide cultural transformation for better life and performance – on a global scale.

Technological backbone
4. Proven track record

Our services are proven to improve health, wellbeing and performance with measurable results. We are trusted by a clientele ranging from Formula 1 world champions and top CEO’s to executive teams and employees in thousands of organisations across the world.

Selected client cases

"Hintsa's holistic approach to managing your mind, body and spirit is very effective and stays with you. The changes were small, but powerful in combination. I wholeheartedly recommend working with the Hintsa team."

— Eric Tveter, CEO of Liberty Global Central Europe Group

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