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We build wellbeing and performance programmes to help you reach sustainable high performance

the problem

Fatigue is bad business, but how can you "win" with wellbeing?

It’s been a tough few years. 40% of workers are suffering from mental health issues. 60% of leaders show indicators of burnout. It’s simply bad business: a stressed individual running on snacks and little sleep will not make good decisions. But there’s an upside, too. While many are focused on “not losing the game of wellbeing”, we see wellbeing as a strategy for winning – retaining talent, ensuring energised employees, and achieving long-term sustainable performance.

our expertise

World-class coaching, stress‑tested over 20 years

We understand the conflicting demands on companies. At our core, we are a high-performance company, led by the science to wellbeing. We have 20+ years of experience in behavioural change, trusted by Formula 1 World Champions, top CEOs, and 500+ organisations globally. We can help your organisation and people create sustainable high performance, too.

Formula for winning

1. Lead

Assess your organisation, plan interventions, train your leaders, and measure results to build the foundation for a culture of wellbeing.

2. Motivate

Raise awareness among your employees for the value of wellbeing. Provide inspiring knowledge and simple tools to ignite individual action.

3. Coach

With motivation in place, real change can start. Provide easy access to optimal coach support – for those who need it, when they need it.

Services for leading wellbeing

Create a winning wellbeing strategy and leadership behaviours linked to your business outcomes.

Organisational analytics

In collaboration with Aalto University’s Future of Work research group, we’ve designed an Organisational Wellbeing & Performance Diagnostic. We help you measure and identify wellbeing value creation pockets – so you can put your money where it matters.

Wellbeing advisory

Wellbeing is increasingly seen as a driver of organisational and personal performance. As your trusted advisor, we help you create a wellbeing action plan and KPIs for winning – to retain top talent, thrive, and achieve long-term exceptional performance.

Leadership training

True change starts from the top. First, you need energised, authentic leaders that role model wellbeing. Second, wellbeing needs to be reflected in your leadership habits and ways of working. We help your leaders walk the talk and cascade wellbeing down in the organisation.

Services for motivation & inspiration

A compelling story convinces the head and captures the heart.

No motivation, no results. We help your people see the impact and value of wellbeing with workshops, webinars, events, short wellbeing breaks, and communications campaigns. Complement communications with toolkits, resources, and ideally, individual support.

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Performance coaching services

Design interventions for those who need them, when they need them – with increasing focus on prevention.

Executive team

Our 7-month Executive Team programme combines individual and group elements. Each executive gets a dedicated Hintsa Performance Coach and medical consultation with a Hintsa doctor. Offsites, interactive workshops, and shared moments spark new insights and build a stronger team.

Performance coaching
for individuals

Our coaching is truly holistic, always personalised, and supported by a dedicated Hintsa Performance Coach. A coaching sprint with three meetings over 4-6 weeks can get you focused results. For a more comprehensive journey, Hintsa Personal offers a holistic 7-month programme with monthly coach meetings.

Scalable coaching

For larger organisations we offer lighter, more flexible coach access. Our coach-in-residence model gives access to a coach on dedicated days – in the office or remotely. And our chat-based coaching gives on-demand mobile access to a coach – for personalised and targeted support for thousands of individuals.

Our clients & partners

Over 20 years of helping organisations reach sustainable high performance.

Investing in employee wellbeing pays off


88% ROI for a company-wide wellbeing programme

A financial services company with over 3,000 employees reached an 88% ROI on their Hintsa programme. Our services included personal coaching for the executive team, as well as workshops, webinars and digital engagement for the wider organisation.


Lowering stress and burnout in top management

The top management of a global industrial company made significant advancements in areas related to stress and burnout. All executives went through an intensive 12-month Hintsa coaching programme with a dedicated coach.


Significant improvements in all areas of health & wellbeing

An international services company with over 200 participants improved in all elements of Hintsa’s holistic model. Our services included remote and in-house coaching, group training sessions, and joint off-site days.

The Future of Work & Wellbeing

A new white paper with Aalto University

What are the big trends shaping work? What could a workday look like in 2040? And how does wellbeing link to it? We partnered with Aalto University’s Future of Work research group to give you a unique perspective on tomorrow’s work and wellbeing.

Download the report

How Wellbeing Improves Performance

An interview with McKinsey & Company

“Wellbeing is the foundation of sustainable high performance – not a reward for it.” Our CEO Annastiina Hintsa spoke with McKinsey & Company about how wellbeing improves performance and why employee wellbeing should be on every CEO’s agenda.

Read the interview

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