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Make wellbeing a competitive advantage with our organisation-wide coaching and advisory services

In an age of uncertainty, organisational resilience is required for success. This requires interventions on both the individual and the organisational level. Thus, executive and employee wellbeing is increasingly a CEO top priority. We build comprehensive wellbeing and performance programmes for organisations aiming for a culture of sustainable high performance. We are trusted by 500+ corporate clients including some of the world’s leading consulting, law, finance and tech companies.

A well-being executive is a high-performing executive

The science of human performance shows that physical and mental wellbeing is the foundation of sustainably high performance. In modern organisations, leaders especially need to put their own mask on first. A tired leader running on snacks and little sleep is unlikely to make good decisions, and unlikely to lead the team’s wellbeing long-term. Using individual coaching, mentoring, executive workshops and advisory we tailor an executive programme to fit your organisation.

Designing a culture of wellbeing and performance

Individual wellbeing, whereas crucial, is not enough. Modern organisations need to design practices, structures, and a culture that can weather a storm and come out stronger. The business case of organisational wellbeing is clear: reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, higher engagement, and better retention all drive superior performance. Our multi-year programmes involve executive commitment, middle management training and employee engagement for lasting cultural change.

Wellbeing as a part of strategy

Wellbeing should always be designed as a quantifiable strategy. Through our research, diagnostics, and advisory we help our clients go through a loop for leading wellbeing: (1) Diagnose the organisation, (2) Plan the program, (3) Act out targeted intervention, and (4) Measure systematically and adjust. With a systematic approach, we can help you make informed decisions about you wellbeing strategy to reduce burnout risk and boost resilience.

Our services for businesses

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Performance Coaching

Performance coaching

Our portfolio of coaching services is designed to cater to all levels of your organisation. From highly tailored coaching for top management, to lighter remote coaching interventions for bigger audiences, we believe that better life and better performance should be accessible to everyone.

Coaching services


Awareness & inspiration

Our keynotes and workshops cover a vast range of topics related to wellbeing and performance. We can host them for a specific team, department or even for your whole company. Our keynotes and workshops are always tailored based on the audience and the level of interactivity wanted.

Keynotes & workshops


Advisory & support

We provide your organisation support from diagnosing and planning to delivery and impact measurement. Our advisory and support services help you in building an optimised wellbeing strategy, while our delivery and communication services help you take your plans into action.

Supporting services


Investing in employee wellbeing pays off


88% ROI for a company-wide wellbeing programme

A financial services company with over 3,000 employees reached an 88% ROI on their Hintsa programme. Our services included personal coaching for the executive team, as well as workshops, webinars and digital engagement for the wider organisation.

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Lowering stress and burnout in top management

The top management of a global industrial company made significant advancements in areas related to stress and burnout. All executives went through an intensive 12-month Hintsa coaching programme with a dedicated coach.

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Significant improvements in all areas of health & wellbeing

An international services company with over 200 participants improved in all elements of Hintsa’s holistic model. Our services included remote and in-house coaching, group training sessions, and joint off-site days.

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