Digital wellbeing service for
organisations and communities

Happier, healthier personnel

Bring better life and better performance to your entire organisation with our digital wellbeing service. HeiaHeia makes daily wellbeing actions, peer support, social campaigns and educational content from world class experts available to all your employees in an easy and engaging way.

Get insights on the wellbeing of your organisation and the impact of actions taken with our surveys and reports.

Social by nature

The strength of peer support and social campaigns

HeiaHeia is a social motivator based on support from your likeminded friends and colleagues. Sharing accomplishments big and small and cheering for your friends makes wellbeing fun and social. It also brings a positive sense of accountability into sticking to your targets.

Joint campaigns are a proven way to activate employees, encourage social interaction, and make the education more concrete. Choose from one of our recommended campaigns or let us help you design your own.

Manage, measure and improve

Target actions based on data

Start a successful programme by understanding the current state of your organisation. Our readymade employee surveys help you understand the needs and wants of your people, and lets both the company and the individual compare to benchmarks.

Repeated surveys highlight the impact of actions for both the employer and the individual user. Our gamified wellbeing programme keeps your employees engaged and you get access to the accumulated long term data and the progress you make together.

Wellbeing education

Inspire and educate

Our digital education covers Hintsa’s holistic model and provides your employees practical tips on enhancing their daily health and wellbeing. Content and tips from world class experts is distributed automatically throughout the year, or made available based on individual interests.

The content comes regularly in snack-sized format making it easy to consume at any point, time and location. Our communication tools enable you to engage teams and your entire organisation throughout the programme.

Our top 10 tips

Download our top tips how to successfully set up a digital wellbeing programme:

Easy to launch

Get the message out

Effective internal communications is a key element for a successful wellbeing programme. The better your colleagues are aware of the programme and campaigns you’ve set up for them, the more eager they are to join.

You will get guidance from our Hintsa experts who have experience in delivering 1000+ successful customer cases. Receive best practices how to communicate the programme and joint campaigns to your employees.

Make the most of your wellbeing programme

Keynotes & workshops as premium services

Add inspirational keynotes and workshops to your your digital wellbeing programme for a full experience. Our Hintsa experts blend the latest research, insights gleaned from our work in Formula 1 and Fortune 500, with tactics and strategies to enhance wellbeing and performance at an individual and organisational level.

Keynotes and workshops make your digital programme more concrete, offer even deeper engagement and include an opportunity for your employees to interact with our experts.

HeiaHeaia – your daily wellbeing companion
Log activities

We believe that great results can be achieved by completing small actions daily. With our app, you can log over 500 different activities covering the entire spectrum of physical activity and holistic wellbeing.

Start training programmes

Our extensive collection of training programmes is planned by our Hintsa experts and support different aspects of holistic wellbeing – from physical activity to rest & recovery and from nutrition to mental energy.

Connect your wearable

You can connect your existing wearable device with our app to automatically sync your physical activity, weight and sleep data. We support following devices: Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Suunto, Nokia and Microsoft Health.

“We teamed up to pilot a new corporate wellness coaching concept together at several blue-chip companies. The results were great – we were able to get employees make changes in health behaviour. HeiaHeia is a tool that really gets people moving.”

— Pfizer

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